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WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is More Secure Against Hacking?

WordPress Vs Blogger
When choosing a blogging platform to start your new blog, a blogger must consider which between WordPress and Blogspot is better and why?. Many comparisons have been made between the two best blogging platforms and today we are going to be making a review based on security - WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is More Secured Against Hacking?

WordPress Blogs

WordPress by far has more active users than any other platform in the world. WordPress took over from blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms due to unlimited access to great plugins and themes. I personally like WordPress for giving the blog owner full power and control over his blog.

To Start a WordPress blog is very easy all one needs to do is pay for hosting from one of the best/Affordable Hosting Providers and install WordPress.org file and that's all. His blogging joining has just begun. As long as you have paid for enough bandwidth you are good to go.

Next step would be to install some free SEO plugins, optimize images, write posts with proper keywords usage, prevent spamming comments etc. This is an overview of everything about WordPress. It is just a click and installs platform that makes blogging really easy.

Blogger Blogs

One of the oldest blogging platforms and also owned and managed by Google itself. Blogger.com or as popularly referred Blogspot is another great platform that is entirely FREE. Everything you will ever need to use in blogger is free and requires only your knowledge and ability.

You don't get to install plugins just as you would do in WordPress. You would need to add everything to the blog HTML editor yourself. Most reviewers recommend Blogspot platform for beginners and persons who just want to write.

But on the bright side, Blogger can also be used by professionals who make millions from blogging yearly. A view at Nigerian blogs reveals that blogger.com hosts the best and most visited blogs in Nigeria especial Gossip and music blogs.

To create a blogger blog is very easy. All you need is a Gmail account (you can create free), visit blogger.com and create your blog. No need for hosting or paying any fees but if you wish you can purchase a cheap and affordable domain name for your blog.

WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Can Be Easily Hacked?

WordPress is the home of plugins and amazing themes but of what worth has the numerous plugins and themes if some hacker can easily hack your blog and delete all your posts and can also delete the entire blog?. That being said, We conducted a Q&A topic on "WordPress Vs Blogger - Which is more secure against hackers?" on facebook and we got massive feedback!!.
WordPress Vs Blogger which is better and why

Basically, the survey conducted was to find out which of the platforms most bloggers preferred in terms of security?. Some of the commenters voted for Blogger against WordPress!!..

Blogger Is More Secured Against Hacking - Facebook Answers.

Just as you would say that WordPress has more flexibility and plugins, many bloggers also felt that blogger is more secured against hacking and hackers because of the following reasons.
  1. Blogger Blogs are hosted on google (google security)
  2. You have to hack google to hack blogger blog
  3. Wordpress is easy to hack but Blogger isn't due to the question being asked on account recovery
  4. Blogger Because there is no any single complain about hack on Blogger blog.
  5. In WordPress any good hacker can find his way around your Cpanel, but the only way to hack blogger is to get his Gmail password, as simple as it may sound it's by far the most complicated

WordPress Is More Secured Against Hacking - Facebook Answers

  1. When someone gains access to your Gmail account, the rest is a story. It's easier to hack into blogger than WP
  2. hacking blogger is as simple as ABC. I guess WordPress is more secure.
  3. WordPress ooo.. with word fence pro plugin no shaking

Other answers were simple "Blogger Blogger Blogger" and a few " WP WP". In total, Blogger seems to have an edge over WordPress because Blogspot's security is provided free by Google. And this is the same security measure that covers every other google account.

WordPress from another angle can be made security strong by using several premium plugins which include Word Fence. And I read a story about "Labnol.org" being hacked few weeks after moving from blogger to WordPress.
WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is More Secure Against Hacking?

The topic "WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is More Secured Against Hacking? is still very active and you can drop your answers, experience, and stories about these two platforms in the comments box below.  And don't forget to add solutions on how to improve security on both platforms.

5 SEO Ranking Factors Learnt From Linda Ikeji's Blog

Google and other search engines have always placed much value on the quality of your content but to some extent, you need some other major factors to rank better on search pages. I have done a study on popular Nigerian blog "Linda Ikeji's Blog" and I have come up with these 5 SEO ranking factors.
5 SEO Ranking Factors Learnt From Linda Ikeji Blog

Who and What is Linda Ikeji?

Before I dive into telling you my 5 SEO ranking tips learned from Linda Ikeji blog, first let me introduce Linda Ikeji to you. You know Linda Ikeji as a popular news/gossip blog but Google knows it as one of the oldest blogs, with high backlinks and insane active hours.

I was shocked when I saw Linda Ikeji ranking better for the keyword "Garanntor" than other big Nigeria blogs including TechCabal, Misstechy, InformationNg and others. Also as a brush up to those who feels WordPress is SEO!!.. Linda Ikeji and Ogbonge blog are hosted on BlogSpot - They are 2 among the 10 most ranked blogs in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji's SEO Practices.

The internet is fast developing and every blogger in taking a drive towards SEO (Search engine Optimization). Well after reviewing Linda Ikeji blog, I tell you brother Linda Ikeji's Blog is not SEO friendly. You want to argue? I have proof.

Linda Ikeji Blog SEO results

SEO Chkme - 36%
SeoSiteCheckup - 59%

That is very poor..!

The basic and most recommended SEO practices for a blogger include the numerous tips which I have covered in various posts, but I still want to remind you that Linda Ikeji doesn't even have meta tag and keywords on her posts. 

What's The Difference Between Ranking Factors and SEO?.

Many bloggers include you reading this post. Yes, you! probably think that SEO is what you need to rank well on search engine pages. Yes, this is true to an extent (about 20% true). Then what do I need to rank posts better on Search Engine pages?. Ranking Factors.

seo ranking factors to practice

Ranking Factors

These are the characteristics of a blog that makes it gain recognition on search engine pages - Especially google and bing. To an extent, Google is unfair to quality post writers because of Ranking Factors. You can write a great post and still don't get ranked. If SEO was all we need, then Linda Ikeji's blog would never be featured on search pages.

5 SEO Ranking Factors Learnt From Linda Ikeji Blog

After an intense review of Linda Ikeji's blog, her blog stand to be on of the most visited blogs in Nigeria, her Alexa rank is 28  in Nigeria and 3965 globally(what?) and there is no blogger in Nigeria who doesn't link to her.
  1. Domain Age
  2. Blog RunTime (Active Hours)
  3. Backlinks
  4. Blog Comments
  5. Social Media Activeness.

1. Domain Age

You simply can't argue the fact that blogs with strong and old domains are not treated specially by Google. I already said good is unfair to some extent. While ranking, Google places attention to the Age of the blog (domain age).

Linda Ikeji's Blog is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria and google has placed much value in her posts because of this. Even when she write 5 lines of sentences in her blog, she still ranks better than you writing a whole textbook as a post.

2. Blog RunTime (Active Hours)

I too have a lot to testify for in this. Google uses crawlers and bots to search for contents around the web. Now once your blog is fully active like Linda Ikeji, google will crawler it nearly every hour.

At first, all blogs get the same crawling and indexing rate but with time when some stop posting regularly, their crawls per day drop while others who keep posting get higher crawl rates and quick indexing.

The is the exact same reason while a news article published on big News sites such as Punch, Naij etc get index within few minutes, same also apply to Music websites. If you run a curation site, then you should as experience this.

3. BackLinks

I have never really made much emphasis on BackLinks but they do boost SEO. Even a Google staff talk about how good backlinks help boost SEO on BlogSpot or WordPress.

Linda Ikeji Blog is a gossip site which has free and quality backlinks all over the web. Nearly 80% of blogs in Nigeria have a link which directs to Linda Ikeji. Now, why won't google take her as important?.

Even Wikipedia linked to Linda Ikeji's blog. All other top blogs in Nigeria and in the world, at one time or the other link to Linda Ikeji blog and these links, are called backlinks acting as SEO supporting pillars.

4. Blog Comments

Show me a post on Linda Ikeji Blog without up to 5 comments. Apart from Facebook, Linda Ikeji's blog is one of the top 5 blogs that get the highest comments in Nigeria. A tech blogger might call these comments spam but still, they boost Linda Ikeji's SEO.

For every comment a user paste on Linda Ikeji's blog, he or she does these three things
  1. Add more words to post's content
  2. Increase ranking keywords on that post
  3. Tell google this blog is interactive (live page).

Generally, her longest blog post will contain about 200 words and if that post gets 10 comments with each having 10 words, the post's content has just increased to 300. These comments also increase the ranking keywords of her post. You will users add more similar and related words to the post and this will increase the keywords of that post.

Regular comments what let google know your blog is Active. Google uses crawlers and not humans. These search bots will just come and count the words, comments and that all. These same happens with Nairaland. A post with just a link will still rank well in NairaLand.

5. Social Media Activeness

Generally, blogs are the most active pages on the web. In case you don't know there is a ranking factor that is called Social media backlinking. Her profiles on every social media network improve her blog's ranking.

So a blogger should practice more social media sharing and marketing to get his blog ranked better on search engine pages. Linda Ikeji even has a twitter slider on search pages showing her latest tweets.

How Can I Rank Better Than Linda Ikeji?

Well as difficult this sounds, it's still very possible. If my post "Download Free Ogbonge Blog Template" can rank better than the same post on NiaraLand, OgbongeBlog and others which were published before mine, then you can rank better than Linda Ikeji's Blog.

What should you do?. Do what she is doing and what she is not doing. Get yourself a custom domain, SEO optimize your blog, starting promoting your blog on social media, learn how to use Keywords, get focussed on one specific niche, get a well SEO optimized blogger template. increase you blog loading speed etc.

More From Author

Believe this or leave it. A platform is not SEO. You are the SEO of your blog and the more you work on your blog the more it get's optimized. Don't expect to SEO optimized your blog and just let it die there. Hopefully, your have 5 SEO Ranking Factors Learnt From Linda Ikeji Blog.

How To Setup Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS With Garanntor.

Garanntor Nigeria is a Nigerian based domain name provider which you as a BlogSpot blogger can purchase your custom domain name from with free DNS management and Email Forwarding.
Setup Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS With Garanntor.
If you are still thinking of getting your blogger blog a domain name, then you should Check out the effect top level domain (TLD) has on your SEO. It is pretty easy and straight for to set up your blogger blog custom domain DNS settings when using garanntor as your domain name provider.

How To Setup Garanntor Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS.

First thing first, you must have purchased a custom domain name from Garanntor. (note: other services like Godaddy, Namecheap work pretty well too).

Step 1

Go to blogger.com >> Settings >> Basic >> Publishing >> Now click on "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog".

Step 2

Type in your new domain name (e.g www.obhiabablog.com) into space with "blog domain". An error will show up "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 5" - Don't worry it's all part of the process.
blogger custom domain settings

Step 3

Leave your BlogSpot settings page and open a new tab. Go to garanntor.com and log in to client zone. In the client zone, go to "Domains" in your domains portal click on the icon next to settings. On the drop down, select DNS management.
garanntor dns dashboard

Step 4.

On the DNS manager page, we are going to set up the DNS records for your new domain. Don't be confused, you will meet some records already set, don't worry about them, with Garanntor its all part of the process.

Setting Blogger CNAME With Garanntor.

You will meet some CNAMES already set. How to know CNAME? in the menu of records just locate any record under "TYPE" with CNAME. Now we are going to set CNAMES for BlogSpot blog.

Step 1.

Scroll down to "Add a new DNS record". You should see the name of your new domain under "HOST NAME". Now just above the domain name, type in "www" without the double quote. Then move to "type" and select "CNAME". Now locate "VALUE" under value, you will see "Address", Click under it and paste this code "ghs.google.com" without the double quote. Click the "Save" below and a new CNAME will be recorded.
blogger garanntor cname settings

Step 2.

Using the same procedure above, we are going to set the second CNAME but this time, we will be using the specific code for our blog. How to get specific DNS CNAME code for my blog?. Go back to the tab for blogger settings and you will see some codes under the Error code.

They will look similar to the below one, simply add the first one under www (e.g bic537q5awot) as "HOST NAME", Under type select "CNAME" and set the one under "ghs.google.com" (e.g gv-rlr4pv33x7t7z2.dv.googlehosted.com) as Address. Once done, Save.

Setting Blogger IP With Garanntor Domain

Next is to create the IP (A) records for your blogger blog. To do this, go back to your Garanntor DNS setting page and follow the instructions below.

We are going to set 4 IPs and I expect you to use the same method which I am going to show you for the 4.

The IPs to be used.

Step 1

Go down to Add a new DNS record. Under "HOST NAME" input "@" without double quote >> Under type select "A" >> Under Address Input the first IP above (i.e and Save. Use this same procedure to set the other 3 IPs. and Click "Save Changes" when done.

Step 2

After setting up the four IPs, wait for about 5 to 15mins (note: it might take up to 4hours) within this time, your domain name will be registered all over the web. After waiting for the required time, go back to blogger settings and once again click save. Your domain will save and won't give any more errors.

Step 3.
Now you have to set blogger to redirect now www web pages to www. (e.g obhiabablog.com to www.obhiabablog.com). To do this. Go to settings page >> Basic >> Publishing >> beside your new domain, click edit and space will show up with "Redirect blogname.com.ng to www.blogname.com.ng. Tick this option and Save.

What Blogger Say About Custom Domain

As of the time of writing this post, blogger supports and encourage Custom domain names but put in mind that Custom domain for BlogSpot blogs do not work with SSL certificates (HTTPS) and I know that won't be a problem. You can read more about setting up a custom domain for BlogSpot blogs at Google instructional page.

More From Author On Setting Custom Domain Name.

This is the same way I have linked up my blogger domain name with garanntor. Using the above guide you can easily Setup your Blogger Blog Custom Domain DNS with Garanntor and any other domain name provider.

Purchase Cheap .Com .Ng Domain Name From Garanntor Nigeria

GaranntorNigeria is Nigeria's first Web hosting and Domain name registering services to build it's infrastructure here in Nigeria and also Garanntor offers cheap and affordable .Com, .Com.ng, .Org, .Ng domains names bloggers.
purchase domain name from garanntor

Garanntor Nigeria a new domain provider and we believe they have come to stay. Purchasing a domain name from Garanntor cheap and affordable so also is transferring your domain name to Garanntor. You get extra one year of free service after a successful transfer.

Why Garanntor Nigeria?

I asked myself this same question before I transferred my domain name from Domainking.Ng to Garanntor.com - During the transfer, their support team helped my transfer everything without me doing any settings.

Aside from that, their support team also helped me Fix DNS error can not resolve host name which made my blog to be down for nearly two days. Their support team is efficient and always available.

Another reason why you should purchase a domain name from Garanntor Nigeria is because their domain names including .com are very cheap and affordable and also your yearly payment is cheaper than your first-year payment.

Free Domain Name Services From Garanntor.ng

When you purchase a domain name from Garanntor.ng, you get free 1year access to a few services which you need to get your new blog and domain name started. These services are free for the first year.

Email Forwarding 

Get your own personalized email address such as john@9jablog.com for your blog with integration to your phone and PC mailbox.

DNS Management

Easily manage the domain name server of your blog. You can easily setup your domain name on blogger BlogSpot using your DNS management.

Garanntor Nigeria Domain Names and Prices

This prices reflect Garanntor domain name prices as of March 21th, 2017 and may change. You could get it either cheaper or more expensive.

.com.ng - N1,150
.org.ng - N1,150
.ng - N9,500
.com - N4,000
.net - 4,500
.org N5,000

How To Purchase A Domain Name From Garanntor Nigeria.

Purchasing a domain name from Garanntor.ng is quite the same procedure with purchasing a domain name from other domain name providers.

Step 1 - Create An Account

Create a free account with garanntor using any secured email address known only to you. You can use Yahoo mail, Gmail and any other email address that has valid IP.

Step 2 - Search For Your Domain Name

After creating a free account successfully, and also after considering the domain name you wish to use and don't forget the domain name should be short, easy to remember and also it should relate to the blog niche you are appreciating.

Visit Garanntor Nigeria domain search page and look out for the domain name you wish to use. (e.g 9jablog.com, nairabloggers.com.ng etc).
  1. Type in your preferred domain name into the box
  2. Click "Find" to curate available domains
  3. If available, On the next page click on "Add to Cart".
  4. Next step is to click "Checkout"

Step 3 - Domain Name Configuration

At this step, you need to be careful not to neglect some freebies. On this page watch out for "DNS MANAGEMENT" and "EMAIL FORWARDING". Make sure you tick the two boxes before clicking "Continue".

Garanntor Nigeria

Step 4 - Pay For Domain Name Purchase Using ATM Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

This is the final step in purchasing a domain name from Garanntor Nigeria for a blogger or WordPress blog. At this point, you can confirm your order using Either PayPal, Bank Transfer or ATM Card (Paystack).

Tick the option at the far bottom to accept Garanntor domain name provider terms and conditions. If you have found a promo code for Garanntor domain, simply insert it at the right sidebar before you click "Complete Order".

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This is how simple it is to purchase a .com, .com.ng, .org or any other domain name from Garanntor Nigeria at a very cheap and affordable rate. Feel free to contact me if you need my help. I have helped people purchase domains without charging.

4 Sure Ways To Make Money From Selling Themes/Templates

Making money as a blogger and internet entrepreneur does not always require you putting affiliate banners and links on your blog. You can earn a fortune from selling WordPress themes and Blogspot templates online.
4 Sure Ways To Make Money From Selling Themes/Templates
There are numerous ways to earn a couple of dollars online. You could go into affiliate marketing, ad spot selling, link exchange, article selling and various other ways. Today we will be reviewing 4 simple ways of making millions of dollars from theme selling without much work.

What are Templates And Themes?

Templates and Themes both mean the same thing only that they are used based on the platform; Templates for Blogspot and Themes for WordPress. A theme is the structural look of a blog or website. It is built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others depending on its quality.

Bloggers always prefer to purchase already made products in other to reduce stress. Due to this, there are various themes online being sold at cheap and affordable rates and you too can start selling.

4 Ways To Make Money Selling Themes/Templates

1. Selling Your Own Templates

One of the best ways to make money online as a blogger is to sell your own templates. Every now and then we see fashion bloggers selling makeup kits, clothes, Jewelry and others online. Web designers and bloggers can also start selling their own templates online.

Popular blogger Jide probably made a few dollars from selling his theme (OgbongeBlog blogger template) at a price of N10,000 to his readers and many persons ran to purchase it. You too can create and sell your own blogger templates and WordPress themes online.

Where To Sell Your Themes

  1. Sellfy - Build your own shop
  2. ThemeForest

2. Join Theme Selling Affiliate Programs.

If you are not so techy, you can also make money from selling themes. You don't need to be a designer before you can start selling!. How about joining theme selling affiliate programs such as ThemeForest Affiliate, TeslaThemes affiliate etc.

You can earn up to 30% per sale depending on the theme affiliate you join. I know a few that pays well. This makes you an online marketer. You simply visit theme sellers with affiliate system, register and start advertising using their links. You get a commission for each sale just like Jumia Affiliate.
theme affiliate

You can also write a post about these products and encourage your readers to buy using your affiliate link. I have seen technology bloggers doing this phones and gadgets, you can do this too and start making money as a blogger or theme reviewer.

High Paying Theme Selling Affiliate Programs

  1. TeslaThemes (50% + 15%)
  2. Elegant Themes (50%)
  3. MyBloggerTricks (64%)
  4. ThemeForest (30%)

3. Running A Theme/Template Store

How about running a site where other persons upload their themes for sale and you get your own commission per sale made?. Making money online requires strategic planning and investing in this one might just be your break through.

You might have seen big themes selling sites including ThemeForest, etc. You can create a website like that and start making sincere money online. In this type you don't need much work, all you need is the resource, a developer and an advertising program such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads to advertise your business.

4. Buy And Sell Website Templates

A blogger can also make a reasonable amount of money from buying themes from designers and selling it to customers. This will boost your revenue if you know how to make it work. Every day you see market women buying products from farmers and selling them to customers in the market.

The Same practice can be practiced online only that you make more money online. A typical example is purchasing a premium theme at a price of $10 and then placing it on sale on your site for $9.45. Many users would prefer to buy from you because yours is cheaper.

After just 2 sales you have already earned close to $9 from one theme. But do keep in mind that you need the permission of the designer before you can sell such templates. Or better still you can purchase a copy for commercial use which in often times is more expensive.

More From Author

These are the 4 sure ways you can start making money online from selling themes/templates online. You might not make much the first time but with patience and determination, you will start making sincere dollars from your theme sales.

5 Strategic Places To Use Keyword In Posts For Better SEO Ranking

Proper SEO practice is a powerful tool for better search engine ranking. Long or short tail Keywords in post help improve blog SEO. Learning how to improve SEO ranking on google for WordPress and Blogspot blogs requires writing SEO friendly posts using keywords.

What Are Keywords (Keyword)

Easy as implied by word. Keywords are simply the important words, phrase or sentence that best explains what your blog post and blog at large is all about. Keywords help search engine rank your blog properly.
5 Strategic Places To Use Keyword In Posts For Better SEO Ranking

Proper usage/placement of keyword in your blogger or WordPress blog post will enable your post to get indexed quickly and also ranked well on the first page. Many professional bloggers practice long tail keywords since its easier to get indexed with long tail keywords than short tail keywords.

Properly SEO optimize Blogger/WordPress blog

Ranking well on a search engine using SEO at some point requires properly SEO optimizing your blog. You need to set the right meta tags, SMO tools and also Optimize your post titles.

Make Your Blog 100% SEO Friendly

You do not only need to properly SEO optimize your blog, you also need to set the right meta description, keywords and image tags on your blog and if you have not done this, then consider making your blog 100% friendly.

5 Strategic Places To Use Keyword In Posts For Better SEO Ranking

1. Keyword In First & Last Paragraph

The first and Last Paragraph refers to introduction and conclusion respectively. These two parts of your blog post attach great Search Engine Optimization value to its self. A maximum usage of post keyword is very necessary at the First and Last paragraph.

You should also consider using related terms (words similar to your keywords) at the first and last paragraph. Also, try to add bolded keywords at this part, you will get a better understanding of bolded keywords below.

2. Keywords In Subheadings (H2, H3, and H4 tags)

Headings and Subheadings are always important for a blog post's SEO both BlogSpot and WordPress users need to get used to this. Heading tags which include the H1, H2, H3 etc help detail out to search engine crawlers what the post is all about.

Proper placement of Keywords in the subheadings in a post is essential and should be practiced. No post on earth is ever SEO friendly without important keywords being mentioned in the post headings.

3. Keywords In Bolded, Italic & Unlined Texts Within Posts

Every now and then, you see professional bloggers and SEO experts highlighting a certain text, phrase or sentence on their blog posts using either bold, italic or underlining. This is because bolded texts add to the SEO value of your posts.

Keyword In blog Post

Over the week, I ran a test on my blog and decided to search for specific keywords on my posts based on bolded and italic texts and to my surprise, Bolded texts helped my blog post rank better in search engine result.

Also, Bolded, Italic, and Underlined text act as meta description when your post is being featured on search results. By making specific keywords bold, you easily improve the SERP of that post.

4. Keywords In Images And Links

Images are not only good for the eyes of your visitors, search engine crawlers desire it too. A properly optimized image, tells search engine crawlers and bots exactly what your blog post is about.

Images should be optimized for high speed so as not to destroy the SEO ranking of the whole blog. You should always use keywords in the Title, Alt tag, and Caption of your blog post images.

No-Follow and Do-Follow links also have an impact on search ranking. Google, Bing, and Yandex expect you to only link out to external links related to that posts. Therefore these links should contain Keywords.

5. Keywords In The Comment Section

The comment section is another boost to your blog post SEO which you might not know.  Comments are relevant to blog post and Seach engines take them seriously. Comments with keywords placed properly increase the post SEO strength and length.

Whenever you are commenting or replying to comments on your blog posts, always try to use keywords related to the post you are commenting on. More comments will add more keywords and in general improve your blog post SEO ranking.

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These are the 5 Strategic Places To Use Keyword In Blogger and WordPress blog Posts For Better SEO Ranking. SEO friendliness depends on meta tags, strategic and important keywords. An SEO expert will be wise enough to always place long and short tail keywords at strategic places in blog post.

Fixed: DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

Fixed: DNS Error While Resolving Host Name
Over the past few days, my blog (www.obhiabablog.com.ng) was offline with the error "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" Now it has been fixed and I apologize for any inconvenience and as a way of rendering my apology I will brief you on what led to that error and how to fix it.

DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

This Error occurs when you have not properly placed your Nameservers in your DNS management panel. which means a domain name provider which your domain name is pointing to. "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" will be shown to anyone that visits your blog except the visitors who cached your page.

How "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" Started 

Earlier this week, I had moved my domain name from Domainking.ng to Garrantor because of Domainking.ng shut down. I transferred the domain easily to Garanntor and for a few days everything seemed okay!.

After about 2-3 days a blog visitor emailed me about not being able to visit my blog. I too tried visiting my blog and the Error affected me too. Later that day (night) I tried using another sim card (MTN) and it opened but as the days went by my site became totally inaccessible.

I thought of what the issue might be and had no solution. At that point, i wondered if Google (BlogSpot) had deleted my blog for no reason. So I kept on searching for a solution on the net based on that error.

Effect Of "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" On My Blog

For the few days, my blog had "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name" I could not see my blog posts neither were my visitors. The big blow came in when my daily page views read "0". It affected my traffic, visitors and I pray it doesn't have an effect on my SEO (domain power) because I noticed some drop in my Alexa Rank.

What Caused "DNS Error While Resolving Host Name"

The cause of this Error on my blog was because I didn't change the nameservers of my domain when I transferred my domain from domainking to garrantor. My domain name (www.obhiabablog.com.ng) was still pointing to Domainking servers even after the transfer.

How I fixed DNS Error While Resolving Host Name

When I was able to figure out what the actual cause of the problem was, I quickly sent an email to my domain name provider (Garanntor) and in no time they got back to me. The told me what to do and despite that, I insisted on them fixing the issue themselves.

It was barely 4 hours after my request, my domain came up and now you can view my blog on your mobile, desktop and laptop. Should in case you have DNS Error While Resolving Host Name on your blog, just contact your domain name provider or better still change your Nameservers in the client area.

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So this is how I was able to solve DNS Error While Resolving Host Name. Am sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused you all. I guess some errors make us find out more tricks and tips. I send a million thanks to Garrantor for helping me clear this Error.

Happy to have you all back!

How To Shorten Long URL With Google URL Shortener

Creating a short URL using google URL shortener is fast, easy and free. You can shorten your long URLs from your WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr blog. Google URL shortener also provides you an overview (statistics) of your link clicks and views making it one of the best URL shorteners.

Why Shorten Long URLs?

Short URLs are portable and more convenient to use. For a twitter/social media entrepreneur who tweets daily, it would be wise to create short URL so as to save more space for your words.
How To Shorten Long URL With Google URL Shortener

Short URLs also get rid of the blogspot.com and wordpress.com added to free blog URLs. Thereby making every link from your blog professional and clickable. Short URL are the best links for social media sharing.

Google URL Shortener

Among the numerous and amazing tools provided free to the public by Google, Google URL shortener is one of the best. A free and helpful online tool to create short URLs. Google URL Shortener becomes handy when you are a social media entrepreneur and blogger.
Google URL Shortener

You can easily share your links round the web without having to copy long or bulky links all the time. Short URL are ideal and Google URL shortener is one of the best free available online tools.

How To Create Short URL Using Google URL Shortener.

Step 1

Create a free Google Account or Gmail account but if you already have one, just skip to step 2.

Step 2.

Visit Google URL Shortener website at https://goo.gl/  

Step 3.

Paste any long URL you wish to shorten, verify that you are not a robot and click on create.

Step 4.

Copy your shortened URL and start sharing.(don't spam).

Step 5.

Once again visit to see the insight of your short URL clicks.

Bitly - Top Google URL Shortener Alternative.

Google URL is a great free online tool to create short URLs but should in case you wish to create free customizable short URLs with real-time insights then you should try out Bitly URL Shortener.

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Google URL Shortener is a free online tool provided by Google which you can use to create free short URLs for your long links. The above steps show you perfectly what to do to create your first short URL using google URL shortener.